Who we are

Since 2007 AB Trade link specializes in offering a wide range of consulting services in international trade for private multisector companies, governmental institutions and international organizations throughout the region.

Our consulting services focus on designing and developing trade missions, representation at international trade shows, and organizing corporate events, using marketing strategies and personal dedication to advise hundreds of US companies to generate successful business matches identifying the best opportunities to export into Colombia and the Andean Region.

AB Trade Link team-work experience has consistently progressed with expanded duties and increased responsibility at each stage to serve our clients.  Our international business experiences involved collecting, analysing, and presenting complex data for the successful development of market feasibility studies, and the subsequent formulation and coordination of corporate events and international trade missions. Our international clients have enhanced our understanding of cross-cultural education and the critical role of communications.

AB Trade Link has extensive experience in the various aspects of the Latin American business culture, and a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic challenges confronting the Andean region.  Throughout our career have demonstrated the ability to establish and maintain professional contacts and partnerships at the headquarters level with the public and private sectors, local and multinational corporations, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Our experience and background

AB trade Link has assists Governmental Trade Agencies and companies in the pursuing of identifying best leads and partnerships!


Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Along with VEDP AB Trade Link has assisted hundreds of Virginia companies on planning a Strategy to help expansion of Virginia companies into Colombia.

 Maryland Department of Commerce

Office of International Investment & Trade

Since 2016 AB Trade Link is assisting Maryland companies interested in entering into the Colombian market

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U.S. Mobile: 804-735-3885
Email: info@abtradelink.org


Colombia Mobile:(+57) 320-304-6852
Email: info@abtradelink.org